About the Owners

About the Owners
Christina and Sean co-founded Mikini Bikini during the summer of 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts. The name Mikini evolved from the uniqueness and individuality of the offering itself; quite literally, "my bikini."

"I found it extremely difficult to find a bikini that I really loved, was well-made, and above all fit my style," says Christina, 25. "I want my swimwear to be a reflection of my personal tastes, just like the clothes in my closet. Furthermore, I want the ability to truly mix and match my tops and bottoms. That requires colors and patterns that can work together or separately. Until now, there has been limited options out there like that."

Both with broad experience in the retail apparel and fashion industries, Christina and Sean viewed this as an opportunity to challenge the status quo. "We want you to have options," says Sean, 29. "We started out with this concept that we could make swimwear that was truly personal. In a physical sense, a bikini is already an incredibly revealing piece of apparel. At Mikini Bikini, we're providing our customers with the opportunity to make a confident statement not only about their bodies, but also about their individuality, personality and style."

We are committed to offering you high quality, lots of options, and a fun shopping experience. Thanks for stopping by today. We look forward to helping you build a better bikini!

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